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Noachides in Britain

TheUkArk.weebly.com - Liz’s Noachide website

Noahide-Ancient-Path.co.uk - Yvonne and Dave’s website

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International Noachide Links

AskNoah.org - Ask Noah International & United Noahide Academies

AskNoah Facebook Group

NoahideAcademy.org / Noahide-Academy.com - Online study courses for Noahides

DutchNoahideCommunity.eu - The Noahides in Holland

Monoteism.ru - Noachides in Russia

NoahideNations.com - Texas

TorontoNoahides.blogspot.com - Bnai Noach in Toronto

A-fe-original--noaismo.info - Noahides in Brazil

Noajidas.org - Noahides in Argentina

ijc.com.au - The Institute for Judaism and Civilization

MyNoahideFamily.com - Noahides of Australia and New Zealand

Noahide.org - The Institute of Noahide Code in New York

CompassionForHumanity.blogspot.com - Rabbi Dovid Sears

Inner.org - Bnei Noach - by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Seven Noahide Commandments By Rabbi Tuvia Bolton of OhrTmimim.org




Chabad Lubavitch Websites

Chabad.org -  Torah, Judaism and Jewish Info

Chabad.org.uk -  Chabad-Lubavitch in the UK


Sichos In English - www.sie.org - The works of the Rebbe in English:

Dubov.org - Chabad of South London



COLLive.com - Chabad Online News

CrownHeights.info - News about Chabad, Crown Heights and Judaism.




ThereIsOne.com - The Spiritual Mystery Of Mysteries Explained

MPaths.com - Mystical Paths Blog


Anti-Missionary Websites

Drazin.com - Their Hollow Inheritance: A comprehensive refutation of christian missionaries



YadLAchim.org  - Yad L’Achim



Breslov Websites

LazerBrody.net - Rabbi Lazer Brody’s Blog

Breslev.co.il - ‘Chut Shel Chessed’ (a ‘Thread of Kindness’) Yeshiva

Breslov.org - The Breslov Research Institute

Azamra.org - The Azamra Institute

Azamra.org/nations - Torah for the Nations


Jewish Book Publishers and Shops

JerusalemTheGolden.com - Jewish bookshop in Golders Green, London, UK

KehotOnline.com - Merkos Publications - Books from Chabad-Lubavitch

Artscroll.com - ArtScroll  Mesorah Publications

Feldheim.com: Jewish Books and Games



www.sie.org - Sichos in English


Targum.com - Targum Press

Littman.co.uk - The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

Soncino.com - Soncino Press


JewishSoftware.com - TES - Torah Educational Software








Jewish video websites

Jewish.tv - Chabad’s video site

YoungAbraham.com - Animated children’s film





Israeli News

IsraelNationalNews.com - Arutz Sheva (Channel 7)

JerusalemOnline.com - Daily video news from Israel.

JPost.com - Jerusalem Post

HaAretz.com - Leftist Israeli News

YnetNews.com - Yedioth Ahronoth in English

Debka.com - We Start Where The Media Stop

HonestReporting.co.uk - Monitors Mideast media bias and ensures that Israel receives fair press coverage (UK version).

HonestReporting.com - Monitors Mideast media bias and ensures that Israel receives fair press coverage (US version).

PalWatch.org - Palestine Media Watch

UNWatch.org - Monitoring the United Nations for its anti-Israel bias


Israel and Zionism





wzo.org.il World Zionist Organization

Zionist.org.uk Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland


GoIsrael.com - Visit Israel

Please buy Israeli products, and beat the boycott










bless those who bless israel

"He crouches, lies like a lion, like an awesome lion, who will dare rouse him? 
Those who bless you [Israel] are blessed, and those who curse you are cursed." (Numbers 24:9)



Learn Hebrew

Prolog Hebrew: LearnHebrew.Prolog.co.il They produce excellent, books, videos, DVD’s and Apps for your phone!

YouTube: Prolog - Welcome to HEBREW on DVD - lesson #1

Hebrew Pod 101: HebrewPod101.com Podcasts to learn on the go!

YouTube: Hebrew Pod 101’s channel

Easy Shmeezy Hebrew, with Rabbi Moshe Sherizen: EasyShmeezy.com A guide book with MP3 lessons.

Hilarious Hebrew Book: HilariousHebrew.com A fun book.

Book: Hebrew in 10 minutes a day, by K. Kershul.

Language Map: Hebrew a language map, by K. Kershul.

Book: First Thousand Words in Hebrew.

Flashcards: Everyday Words Hebrew Flashcards.

Picture Dictionary: Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary.

Dictionary: Ben-Yehuda's Pocket English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English Dictionary




ColelChabad.org - Colel Chabad, Reb Meyer Baal HaNess Charity

ChibasJerusalem.com - Kolel Chibas, Jerusalem - Reb Meyer Baal HaNess Charity

EizerLShabbos.com - Eizer L'Shabbos, Tzefat

KerenEzrasShabbos.org - Keren Ezras Shabbos, Jerusalem

YadEliezer.org - Yad Eliezer

YadEzra.net - Yad Ezra V'Shulamit, Jerusalem

YadSarah.org - Yad Sarah - Helping Terror Victims

Zichron.org - Zichron Menachem - Children’s Cancer

Mdauk.org - Magen David Adom UK

AhavasChesed.net - Ahavas Chesed, Israel Relief Fund

MeirPanim.org - Meir Panim - Relief Centers in Israel

Jnf.co.uk - Jewish National Fund - Supporting Israel for Life


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