Learn Hebrew


Hebrew with Prolog:

Prolog Hebrew: LearnHebrew.Prolog.co.il They produce excellent, books, videos, DVD’s and Apps for your phone!

Hebrew on DVD: SpeakIt.tv/en-US/vimeo-hebrew-welcome

YouTube: Prolog - Welcome to HEBREW on DVD - lesson #1

App on Google Play - Hebrew Courses

App on Google Play - Hebrew Speak it Video Lessons

App on Google Play - Hebrew Phrasebook for English Speakers

App on Google Play - Prolog Hebrew-English Dictionary


Hebrew with Hebrew Pod 101:

Hebrew Pod 101: HebrewPod101.com Podcasts to learn on the go!

YouTube: Hebrew Pod 101’s channel


Hebrew with uTalk:


App on Google Play - uTalk Hebrew


Hebrew online with eTeacher:



Hebrew with K. Kershul:

Book: Hebrew in 10 minutes a day, by K. Kershul.

Language Map: Hebrew a language map, by K. Kershul.


Hebrew with Rabbi Moshe Sherizen:

Easy Shmeezy Hebrew: EasyShmeezy.com A guide book with MP3 lessons. DoItInHebrew.com


Hebrew with Miiko Shaffier:

Book: Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks! by Miiko Shaffier. Website: LearnHebrew.tv


Learn with these other books:

Hilarious Hebrew Book: HilariousHebrew.com A fun book.

Book: First Thousand Words in Hebrew.

Flashcards: Everyday Words Hebrew Flashcards.

Picture Dictionary: Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary.

Dictionary: Ben-Yehuda's Pocket English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English Dictionary






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