The Seven Gentile Prophets,
from before the Torah was given and prophecy was restricted to Israel.


The Talmud says in Baba Bathra 15b: "Seven prophets prophesied to the heathen, namely”:

1. Balaam ben Beor, and his father:

2. Beor (son of Laban)


3. Job (Iyyov), and Job's four friends:

4. Eliphaz the Temanite (Esau’s grandson)

5. Bildad the Shuhite (A descendant of Shuah, son of Abraham and Keturah)

6. Zepher the Naamathite

7. Elihu ben Berachel the Buzite (Genesis 22:20-21 mentions Buz as a nephew of Abraham)


It is recommended that Noachides study Sefer Iyov (the Book of Job). We recommend this translation and commentary:

Malbim on Iyov

The Malbim Iyov. The Search for Faith and Meaning: An English Translation of the Malbim's Classic Commentary on the Book of Job. With the entire Sefer Iyov in Hebrew & English. TRADITIONALLY STUDIED ON TISHA B’AV, the Malbim opens up sefer Iyov for us on a profound level, allowing us to penetrate its depths, and brings the story of Iyov to life. Translated by: Herbert Weisberg and Yosef Y. Kazarnovsky .Available here:




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