Other Religions

All authentic Noachides completely reject all other religions as false, and accept the Jewish faith (with its duel covenants for Jews and Non-Jews) as being the only true faith.

If you need some information about the falseness of other religions, please visit these other educational websites:

Anti-Xian Missionary Links:

Drazin.com - Their Hollow Inheritance




YadLAchim.org - Yad L’Achim -YadLeAchim.co.il

Yeshu HaNotzri, The Man In His Own Words: A Torah View of the Founder of Christianity

Aish.com - Why Jews Don't Believe In Jesus

AskMoses.com - Why do Jews not accept Jesus as a god or a messiah?


Anti-Islamic Missionary Links:


What Would Muhammad Do?

Is the Quran Hate Speech?

The Myths of Islam

TellTheChildrenTheTruth.com - The Nazi roots of today’s Jihad


Yoga (A part of Hinduism):

The Goal of Yoga

Yoga - Deal with It

The Rebbe Said, No!

The Lubavitcher Rebbe on YOGA

A Gurus Message to Jews

Transcendental Meditation vs. Jewish Meditation

Yoga for Shabbos & Yom Kippur

Tumas Hagar/Ketura - Yoga

Praise (Not) from The Guardian

Ugh, Not More Jewish Yoga



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