Prayers, Blessings, Principles of Faith, and Divine Service for Noahides

By Rabbi Moshe Weiner and Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet

Booklet_FrontxThis convenient, pocket-size booklet provides a comprehensive, clear, and expertly researched guide for prayers and blessings that have been authorized and recommended for Noahides by these expert Rabbinical authors.

Expanding on recommendations by the authors that are published in the chapter on Prayer in The Divine Code, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, this booklet assists pious non-Jews with integrating requests, praises, blessings, and heartfelt prayers and repentance to G-d into their daily lives. It includes essential instructions on the guidelines for proper prayer, and how to make blessings before and after eating, including a “Grace after Meals” for Noahides.

The selected daily and special prayers in this booklet are not meant to serve as an official Noahide liturgy, but rather they are compiled from the general format of the traditional Jewish prayer book (Siddur), drawing mostly from chapters of Psalms. The prayers include 10 Psalms that are recommended to be said every day, and a short Noahide "Amidah" prayer. The booklet also has special prayers for livelihood, for safe traveling, and for healing.

It also includes a summary of main principles of the Noahide faith, which will enhance the reader’s understanding and provide a simple outline for explaining these concepts to others.

The booklet comes with double slip coverings, so it can be tucked away in a pocket or purse with proper respect if it must be carried into places where prayer would not be appropriate, such as a lavatory or a bathhouse.

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Part 1 - Prayers and Blessings

  • Suggested Daily Prayers:
    • Daytime Prayers
    • Evening Prayers
  • Blessings Before Eating or Drinking
  • Other Blessings
  • Rules of Blessings Before Eating
  • Grace after a Meal

Part 2 - Principles of Faith and Divine Service

  • Awareness of G-d
  • Serving G-d with One’s Mind and Heart
  • The Power of Personal Repentance

Part 3 - Prayers for Specific Needs and Requests

  • Prayer for Livelihood
  • Prayer for Travelers
  • Prayer for a Sick Person


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The Noachide Code: The 7 Commandments of the Covenant of Noah, the universal moral code for all mankind.

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